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Feathinia is the reborn form of Bird Island. When the original inhabitants of Bird Island decided mutiny against Red, his revenge plan was to send them to a better planet to live so they would believe in him again.

Places to go

When the founder of Feathinia discovered Bird Island and changed the name, he also added other things to the place. He added apartment buildings to go along with the houses. He improved the construction of the schools for the younger birds. He built small cinemas the birds could go to watch movies. The island was reborn, and had a new generation of birds to live there.


As stated above, all the birds of Bird Island decided mutiny against Red. Red wanted to stay a good leader, so he made a decision. He sent everyone to a far away planet where they can live better and also be far from the pigs. Red became leader of the birds again, and the decision was made. However, back on Earth, the rebirth of the bird species was also taking place. Genes and bacteria was left all over Bird Island, leading to fusions creating the first bird. More birds came about, and then the island was complete.


  • The new birds on Feathinia still believe in the Mighty Eagle, as they found scrolls describing his existence.