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Explosive Event is the third episode of Angry Birds Odyssey. It has a similar story to the last 2 episodes (The birds fight a few pigs and rescue a friend). Each episode has something slightly different, so this one will too.


[The threesome of Red, Chuck and Matilda walk through the forest]

  • Chuck: I really hope we find The Blues soon!
  • Red: Why? They’ll annoy us on our journey!
  • Matilda: Be nice.
  • Chuck: [sobbing a bit] They w-were so funny and kind.
  • Red: I guess that’s true.
  • Chuck: I want them back!

[Chuck zooms through the forest in an attempt to find The Blues, but never comes back]

  • Red: Oh boy.
  • Matilda: Well, let’s focus on the path and on any pigs who want to obstruct our path.
  • Red: Yeah!
  • Matilda: We’ll catch up to him eventually.

[a horde of 5 piggies appear]

  • Pig 1: Hi!
  • Pig 2: You’re not getting any of the birds back!
  • Red: I’ve already got two of my friends.
  • Pig 3: Then where’s the second one?
  • Matilda: Ran off.
  • Pig 4: Hahaha!
  • Pig 5: Tee-hee.
  • Matilda: You asked for this!
  • Pig 2: Asked for what?

[Red and Matilda defeat the piggy horde with an abundance of anger waves/egg bombs]

  • Red: I think we should run.
  • Matilda: Why?
  • Red: To catch up to Chuck!
  • Matilda: Ok.

[Red and Matilda run as fast as they can]

  • Red: Chuck? Chuck!

[Chuck appears from behind a tree]

  • Chuck: Hi!
  • Red: I have a feeling that a new friend is ahead.
  • Matilda: But Who?

[Helmet Pig crashes down]

  • Helmet Pig: It’s me!
  • Red: No!
  • Helmet Pig: I’m not exactly a friend of yours, more of a deadly fo-
  • Chuck: We get it!
  • Red: Now time to take you down!
  • Helmet Pig: You think it’d be that ea-

[Red shoots a big anger wave]

  • Helmet Pig: No effect! My trusty helmet saved me!

[Matilda drops an egg bomb on Helmet Pig’s helmet]

  • Helmet Pig: No! It broke!
  • Chuck: Now for an all out attack!

[Chuck, Red and Matilda destroy Helmet Pig and then run away, to find Bomb in a cage]

  • Bomb: Hi Guys!
  • Red: We’ve come to save you.
  • Chuck: Do you know where The Blues are?
  • Bomb: No, sorry.
  • Matilda: oops.