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The Evil Red Robot is a robot version of Red that the pigs made to confuse the flock. Its owner is Helmet Pig, but Insane Pig is finding the money for it.


The Evil Red Robot looks like normal Red, but with bright blues eyes with no pupils. There is also a crack in his body that separates the red part and the tan part apart. He has 3 weapons that are tucked away in his body: a blaster, a sword and a claw. The flock knew that Red doesn’t have these things and found out the truth quickly.


This boss is also in AB3. He can use his blaster to knock birds away, but it rarely happens. His claw can be used to pull blocks towards him to get armour, thus resulting in a health boost. Try to defeat him with special attacks like Matilda’s egg bombs and Bomb’s explosions.


  • This bird had a cameo in Angry Birds Hearts, in the episode Piggy Robot.