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Epicness Bird is a bird you can use in any Angry Birds game for £4.99 (or $6.40). It is a slightly overpowered bird when you look at it’s abilities.


The Epicness Bird looks like a bird version of an Epic Face, as this version has a beak and a tail like every other bird. It has yellow feathers and eyes constantly looking to the right (our left).


When the bird is launched, it seems very weak and not worth the money. However, on the first tap, it splits into 999 versions of itself, making this bird like a bunch of blue birds. On the second tap, these 999 clones all turn the size of 99 Mighty Eagles and destroy the level and also the island the structure was on.


  • This bird’s flock name is ‘Disaster Machine’.
  • This bird can defeat Colossal Pig in one hit, without even tapping anything.
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