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Drill Bird is a bird that met the flock when the pigs went mining and the birds followed along. His power is to drill through the ground.


Drill Bird is a purple bird with a style similar to the green bird called Hal. He has a metal beak which he uses for drilling through mountains that may contain pigs.


Drill Bird was born in a cave from an old egg. He then learnt to fly, and use his beak. One day, a lump of metal fell on his beak and he couldn’t get it off. Soon, the metal stuck, and Drill Bird had a drill!


  • Drill Bird’s flock nickname is Rocky.
  • Drill Bird is actually part robot. When in rage, his eyes change to a power symbol.

Enraged Drill Bird

Different Forms

When in space, he takes on a new form. This changes him from purple to green, and the inside of his beak is hollow and shines a neon blue. When it comes to powers, he drills through planets instead and throws the remains at the pigs.

Space Form