Blues I can't believe that they're falling for it!
This article appears to be a "joke article", meaning that it has no point of being taken seriously.

Deadly Ultra Eagle is one of the deadliest eagles around. He is the biggest bird ever known.


First of all, when talking about this bird, you must point out his size. He is the size of 10 Earths. That is how big he is. This bird looks over the islands of the Angry Birds world with his tremendous size. This bird also has a long beak. It is the length of 30 Eiffel Towers. In this eagle’s eyes, there are crosses. This shows his anger. On his belly, there is a pink spot.


  • Deadly Ultra Eagle can crush just about anything.
  • Deadly Ultra Eagle can shoot lasers from his mouth.


  • This bird’s beak is made out of steel. It shows how tough he is, and that he is too good for a regular beak. Deadly Ultra Eagle is really powerful.
  • This bird doesn’t have a space form, because his regular form is his space form. Can he even have a regular form? Probably not, because he can’t fit on Earth.
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