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Blues.jpeg I can't believe that they're falling for it!
This article appears to be a "joke article", meaning that it has no point of being taken seriously.

He wanted to scare us, but he couldn’t.

Crazy Bird is, well, a crazy bird. He has an unrealistic amount of energy and enough tricks up his sleeve to do anything! That is, without manically laughing beforehand. Crazy Bird often annoys people with his craziness, and people stay away from him. At least, if they get the chance...


Crazy Bird is one of the most odd looking birds ever witnessed. His body is pink, with his belly being lighter by a bit. He has very large eyes, and 3 green tufts of hair. He has two robotic arms either side of his head. He got these so he could preform extra tasks, but mostly annoy people on an even higher level. They have little spikes on the elbows, and stripes along them.


  • Crazy Bird can scream loudly, making pigs go deaf.
  • Crazy Bird can shoot lasers from his eyes. This have the power to tear through buildings.
  • Crazy Bird can slap pigs very hard with his arm. It makes the target explode on impact.


  • Crazy Bird often speaks German, for some reason. Although he usually speaks English, he switches to German randomly. Because of this, nobody knows what language he thinks in, in his head. He probably doesn’t think at all.