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City Discovery is the thirteenth episode of Angry Birds Hearts’ first season. It involves the flock coming across a new city where different birds live.


[episode starts with Lucy on top of a mountain]

  • Lucy: I can’t wait to jump down this mountain!
  • Chuck: Why?
  • Lucy: Because I’m bored.
  • Chuck: That’s a weird reason.
  • Lucy: Well, what should I do?
  • Chuck: You could - Oh...
  • Lucy: Yeah. So, can I?
  • Chuck: The answer is still no.
  • Lucy: Anyways, you’re not even the leader of the flock! You can’t change my mind! [jumps down] wheeeeeeee!
  • Chuck: Oh gosh.

[Red comes along]

  • Red: That’s a long way down. I hope he’s okay!
  • Chuck: Uh-huh.

[scene cuts to Lucy falling down]

  • Lucy: What a wild ride! But, I can’t feel my face...
  • Jay: Hello!
  • Jim: Did you jump off the mountain?
  • Lucy: Yeah.
  • Jake: Look! What’s this?

[a big building was ahead]

  • Chuck: Woah! Let’s go around it!
  • Jim: Is this a city or something?
  • Jake: Likely.

[Jim, Jake, Jay, Chuck and Lucy rush around several buidlings]

  • Jake: Definitely a city.
  • Jim: But who’s that?

[A pig emerges from behind a building]

  • Pig: BIRDS!! ATTACK!!
  • Jake: Okay! [dashes into Pig]
  • Lucy: I think he meant we should run.

[episode ends with birds running away from a horde of pigs]