现金 (Cash)
General Info
Powers None
First Level Appearance: None, only in Advertisements (and in the Victory Celebration Scene)
Gender: Male
Species: Pig (sus)
Locations: None
Strength: Unknown
Size: Small (1 sork and 9 cades)

Cerdan (现金) also translated as Cash is a pig that appears as promotional material for the game Angry Birds: Bubbles (Special Edition). He is constantly found in ads about the game, and in the trailers for the game. He makes his first canonical appearance in the Victory Celebration Scene.

Trivia Edit

  • As he is a character found only in advertisements, he has no alignment. Although, he aligns more with the Birds than Pigs.
  • He has been seen wearing sunglasses.
  • He seems to hate blocks, as shown in the first teaser.
  • He has an account on the Angry Birds Fan World Wiki, which can be found here.
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