Cave Exploring is the tenth episode of Angry Birds Hearts’ first season. It involves the birds going into caves to find valuables.


[scene cuts to Bomb atop a mountain]

  • Bomb: Okay, I’m diving in the water!
  • Jay: This will be awesome!
  • Bomb: You bet!
  • Jim: Jay, why did you pull me here anyway? He’ll just fail.
  • Bomb: Okay! I’ll go now! [jumps and trips, but sees a neon rock]
  • Jay: He fell!
  • Jim: Told ya.

[scene cuts to the birds with Bomb describing the rock]

  • Bomb: Guys, there was a neon rock in the mountain!
  • Lucy: And you think there’s more around there?
  • Bomb: Yeah!
  • Lucy: Okay!
  • Chuck: Let’s go there!
  • Lucy: Woah, woah woah. Isn’t it dangerous?
  • Bomb: Whatever.
  • Lucy: [going red] But Bomb...!
  • Chuck: I’m already gone! [Chuck races off to a cave]
  • Lucy: I’ll follow!

[scene cuts to Chuck seeing the neon rock]

  • Chuck: There it is!
  • Lucy: Slow down!
  • Chuck: Woo-hoo! [falls off cliff accidentally]
  • Lucy: Chuck! No!
  • Jay: [appears] Bwa-wha! That was funny!
  • Lucy: Heh.
  • Chuck: [suddenly appears behind with the neon rock] I have it!
  • Lucy: Woah!
  • Jay: That was cooler than Bomb trying to jump off the mountain!
  • Lucy: He did that?
  • Jay: Oh Yeah!
  • Chuck: Let’s take this rock back to Red.
  • Lucy: He’ll be so proud of this!
  • Jay: You can say that again!
  • Lucy: He’ll be so proud of this!
  • Chuck: Gah...
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