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Bread Battle is the eleventh episode of Angry Birds Hearts’ first season. It involves the flock battling using weapons made out of bread loaves.


[scene cuts to Lucy and Bomb chatting]

  • Lucy: I agree with you, Bomb.
  • Bomb: Yeah! What’s the deal with sliced bread?
  • Lucy: Haha! So random!
  • Bomb: What’s so mind-blowingly awesome about bread but in slices?
  • Lucy: Maybe people were tired of eating bread loaves.
  • Bomb: Nonsense, Lucy!
  • Lucy: Uhh, okay. Guess I was wrong. Hehe.
  • Chuck: [rushes over] Did someone say bread?
  • Bomb: Yeah. We’re talking about the deal with sliced bread.
  • Chuck: [gasps] I LOVE BREAD!
  • Lucy: Yeah, bread is pretty cool.
  • Chuck: Y’know, I could make a bread gun!
  • Bomb: Why would you do that?
  • Chuck: Because! Bread!
  • Lucy: What will the bread gun even do? Shoot bread into people’s mouths?
  • Chuck: Good idea! I’ll get to work! [rushes off]
  • Bomb: [gulps] this spells trouble.

[scene cuts to Chuck showing the flock his bread gun]

  • Red: Chuck, why are we here?
  • Jay: Yeah! We were pulling a cool prank on Hal!
  • Hal: WERE YOU!?
  • Jim: Jay!
  • Chuck: Alright, alright! Have you ever wanted to shoot bread into your mouth?
  • Red: No.
  • Hal: Sometimes.
  • Lucy: Oh my...
  • Chuck: Well, I give you, the bread gun!
  • Hal: A bread gun? I wanna make a bread sword!
  • Lucy: More bread weapons?
  • Chuck: FIRE THE BREAD! [bread shoots in all directions]
  • Bomb, The Blues, Red and Lucy: AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!

[scene cuts to Hal finishing the bread sword]

  • Hal: Okay, that goes there, that goes here and then- [bread loaf hits his head]
  • Red: [appears behind him] It’s a bread war!
  • Hal: This is Lucy and Bomb’s fault!
  • Red: Yeah!

[scene cuts to Bomb and Lucy surrounded by the flock]

  • Lucy: It’s not our fault.
  • Hal: You were talking about bread!
  • Jake: Let’s punish him!
  • Bomb: It was Chuck’s fault for getting involved!
  • Red: Chuuuuuuuuck?
  • Chuck: Yeah, he’s telling the truth.
  • Jay: Oh. Well then...