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The Bird Sword is a power-up that can be equipped to a bird in Angry Birds 3. It can give special powers to specific birds. It costs £1.99 ($2.59) to use.


The Bird Sword looks like an average sword with a metal blade. However, the bottom has been decorated with a pink ribbon, with the ends flapping out at the end. This item can be used by the birds to slice stuff.


For Red, he can just slash it normally and it shoots unpredictable anger waves.

For The Blues, they slash it and it shoots ice and splits into three.

For Chuck, his can slash at extreme speeds and also do a spin into the structure.

For Bomb, he can slash it, so it acts as a double Explosion. If Bomb is close to the sword when it explodes, he will explode too.

For Matilda, she can slash it and 5 egg bombs will fly into the structure.

For Hal, he can slash it and it boomerangs into the structure at fast speed and lots of strength.

For Terrence, the sword just slashes through the structure.

For Bubbles, he can throw it and it blows up while also throwing food everywhere.

For Stella, she can throw it and it shoots a ring of bubbles, trapping blocks. When the blocks fall, they give off bubble particles which have a mini explosion when the ground is touched.