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Bad Piggies: Sugar Showdown is a match-3 game made by Rovio and will release in February 2019. It involves the piggies chasing down the birds for their sweets (candy).

Level typesEdit

There are a few types of levels. They are:

  • Score Levels - get a certain score.
  • Egg Fall - get eggs to the bottom of the stage.
  • Bomb Revenge - Bomb shoots bombs on the stage. Get them to the bottom until they explode. The bombs take 4 turns to explode.
  • Poison Candies - Don’t match a type of candy.
  • Lasers - Move mirrors and break stone blocks to get a laser to a certain area.

Types Of CandyEdit

There are striped candies, made by 4 candies in a line. They destroy all candies in a horizontal/vertical line in a 3 block radius.

There are Candy Eggs, made by putting 4 of the same candies next to each other in a 2x2 formation. They hatch a hatchling that explodes.


  • This game is heavily inspired by Candy Crush.
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