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Ben Buzzsaws, Flamethrowers, Sizzor Hands, Magic, And Also A Gun

Funny Cokester

Ben Is A Funny And Crazy Guy He Likes Coke ALOT He Makes Memes And Hes A Fan Of MantisBoi

Omegatchi Omegatchi Slaps Pigs And Blocks 4 Times Now That's A Taste Of Their Own Medicine!

4-Armed Character!

Omegatchi Is A Great Friend Of Ben They Met On Scratch And The My Singing Monsters Ideas Wiki And His Bird OC Is Shade

Noise Noise will lock on the target that is tapped. Long tap, and he will make a loud squawk that will scare pigs to death. That's a furious as you think it to be.

The Lost Red...

Noise is a bird in the original Angry Birds flock a long time ago. He is pretty much Red's best friend. Noise went missing when there was a giant battle between the birds and the pigs. A few years into the present, the flock got sucked into a wormhole, and they find out that Noise actually escaped to an island inhabited by birds, and he joined the flock on their expedition. Noise acts a bit like Red, they even look the same! However, Noise is more calmer and not so overly angry about almost everything.

Cerdan (Milkshack Pig) Cerdan Throws All His Milk Projects At The Pigs IN DA FACE!

User Piggy

You Guys Might Say "WHAT A PIGGY USER!?!"

But Cerdan Is A Piggy In This Flock

ComboLuigi2000 His powers are similar to Mario and Luigi's, BUT he can jump higher then both and when tapped he slows down time and makes a powerful, explosive shockwave to knock back everything. (To Unlock, look at the Combo Unlocking Manual shown later)

No seriously, he's a character here

Combo is an adventurous plumber that came from the Mushroom Kingdom but later moved to Piggy Island due to chaotic circumstances. He has many friends such as Cerdan, Dave, Icey, Lach, and Omega. He owns a hotel on South Beach (that he "borrowed")! Anyways, he loves to help out with the flock under any circumstances!

Dave Dave splots paint at three different targets that slows the pigs when they try to attack the paint can splash to other pigs too, making this pretty useful.

Painting Pig-Popper!

David Adepeju, also known as Dave, is a painted bunting with a magic paintbrush. He got lost from his nest when he was an egg, he was then left with a special paintbrush. And this will allow him to jump into paintings that he paint and he allows his paintings to come to life. (Add more DavetheFave11, you can fix any parts in case)

Icey Icey turns 10-15 blocks into ice or water.

The Special One!

Icey is no ordinary bird he haves a special family when icebomb and silver are his mom and dad! and matilda and bomb are his aunt and uncle! since hes the son of icebomb he can turn stuff into ice and but he cant breath in space though he also go to a place called jamaa where animals rule! he is friends with combo and cerdan but he 9haves other friends.... he is a master at mario maker to! (ok you really didnt need to know that)


Image Name Ability Character
Pikachu Omegatchi.png


Slaps Pigs And

Blocks 4 Times

Plus The Ability

To Zap