Angry Birds Versus the Criminal League of Naughty Critters is a fanon game.

Birds + Pigs Edit

Name Image (Any) Ability First Playable Level Described as:
Red 100px His ability returns from Mighty Feathers, but the feathers don't circle him. He has earnt that ability now. When you think Red can reach you want him to go, tap the structure, and he will dash to it. 1-1 Furious Flyer
Jim, Jake, and Jay 100px These blue little critters split into three! The same as before! They did not even get stronger, or weaker! Well, a little stronger! They can damage Wood, and push Stone, and Iron! They could nearly kill King Glump in one hit, with one! The full set shall do the tricks! 1-2 Icy, Blue Pranksters!
Chuck 100px Chuck is the same he always was! Fast, fast, and wood-breaking! He is faster, and gets through more wood! He can damage stone a bit, now! He speed just goes when you tap, no directional options, so use the ability at a close-up position, where he has the best chances at hitting a glump! 1-3 The Yellow Speedster
Corporal Pig 100px Corporal Pig has a thing for speed, too! He can dash up to 5 places! Drag the screen in 5 or less lines, so you can manage where he goes. Anywhere will do! As long as it matches where you want him to go! 1-6 Helmet of Speed
Bomb 100px Bomb can blow up structures, but his radius is stronger, and he can destroy more stone. He can not break Iron, though. While other things, like, Terence, Minion Pigs (bombers ability,) Foreman Pig's dynamite, King Glump, Mega Pig, and The Mighty Eagle can. Bomb can still use his shockwave, but yet again, a bigger radius. 1-7 Explosive Temper, But Barely Moody
Matilda 100px Matilda drops three Egg Bombs at the Glumps, down below! SHe has a strength boost! Five hits of hers can break Iron! Her corpse also weakens slower! Sometimes, she can drop a Golden Glump, which will be the way to unlock the Glumpdays levels, where she has the feature! The eggs/Golden Glumps she drops are the same strength as Bomb's explosions! 1-8 Birdie Godmother
Hal 100px Hal will do the usual boomerang thing, but he will have this little dramatic stare before he does it! The glumps are scared now! Hal will do anything to make sure that he can be used for the right thing! Sometimes, he can be used to get Golden Glumps in spots where no else can reach! Once it is collected, try restarting the level, and using him on the glumps, and their structure! Hal can also break stone! 1-9 Coming Back, Like a Boomerang
Terence 100px Terence used to just yell, and now, he can teleport somewhere! Tap anywhere, and he will invade it! No land can stop him now, he'll just burst the building, and get the glumps done! He can break Iron. 1-9 Smashing Birdie
King Pig 100px King Pig is a force of ultra power! He basically is like Red from Angry Birds 2, but he can even move glumps, and pretty much anything! If something he pushes lands on a Golden Glump, it will be collected. Try having him best in positions, where there is a large tower! 1-11
Bubbles 100px
Foreman Pig 100px Foreman is the bomber of your sanity! He throws three dynamite sticks, at whatever he wants to! Is goes bang, bang bang! That is not funny, it is his serious bombing skills! What a terrorist! 1-11
Minion Pigs 50px50px


The Minion Pigs can split, but they are not clones of Jim, Jake, and Jay. They split into three, while the little oinkers create 25! Since Wither's Winning, in Bad Piggies V.S. C.L.O.N.C., they have an explosive impact on whatever they touch first! Glump, Block, or Land! It's blowing up! 2-6

Unknown Abilities Edit

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