Angry Birds Pokemon is a game created by Rovio and The Pokemon Company. It is about the flock teaming up with Pokemon to defeat the pigs.

Play it onEdit

  • IOS
  • Switch
  • 3DS (cancelled)

Unlockable BirdsEdit

  • Red is the starting character. His ability in this game is to shoot anger waves.
  • The Blues are unlocked at Level 1-5. They can split into three.
  • Chuck is unlocked at Level 1-9. He can go fast.
  • Bomb is unlocked at Level 2-5. He can explode.
  • Matilda is unlocked at Level 3-1. She can drop an egg bomb.
  • Hal is unlocked at Level 3-7. He can boomerang around structures.
  • Mighty Eagle can be bought for £1.99. However, in this game, he is Rayquaza. The functions are still the same.
  • Neo can be bought in a bundle for £3.99 that also comes with Volcarona. He can shoot radioactive fire on different types of material.

Unlockable PokemonEdit

  • Pikachu is the starting Pokemon. He is unlocked at Level 1-4. He can shoot thunderbolts.
  • Squirtle is unlocked at Level 1-8. He can shoot water from his mouth.
  • Eevee is unlocked at Level 2-2. She can tackle structures.
  • Trumbeak is unlocked at Level 2-6. He can peck structure and shoot gusts of wind with his wings.
  • Musharna is unlocked at Level 2-10. She can use her Psychic Powers to move blocks around.
  • Rotom is unlocked at Level 3-4. He can possess blocks and make them explode.
  • Onix is unlocked at Level 3-8. He can throw rocks at structures and tackle them with his tail.
  • Glalie is unlocked at Level 4-2. He can freeze blocks with his icy breath, making them easier to break.
  • Volcarona can be bought for £3.99. She can spray fire on scructures, doing insane amounts of damage. This transaction comes with the bird Neo.


Every world has 10 levels in it.

  • World 1: The Meadows
  • World 2: The Cave
  • World 3: The Desert
  • World 4: The City
  • World 5: The Arctic
  • World 6: The Volcano
  • World 7: The Castle
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