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The app.

Angry Birds Online Sticker Collector is a game that you can get on IOS or Android that is about getting coins to open packs and trying to complete a sticker collection.


In the game, you start with 100 coins. This can buy you two normal packs, so most people would do that. However, there is a mode similar to Piggy Elevator in Angry Birds 2, however this is called Infinite Doors, and you play for 25 Coins. You have a number of doors and you have to pick the one that doesn’t lead to a dead end with a pig.

You can also sell duplicate stickers to other players and they will give you coins for it. This is a more efficient way to do things, as players could give lots of coins for stickers they’re missing.


Series 1 set

Red - Common

Blues - Common

Chuck - Common

Bomb - Common

Matilda - Common

Hal - Common

Terrence - Uncommon!

Bubbles - Uncommon!

Mighty Eagle - RARE!

Holographic Raging Red - RARE!

Series 2 set

Super Red Bird - Common

Lightning Blues - Common

Lazer Bird - Common

Super Bomb Bird - Common

Ice Bird - Uncommon!

Monster Bird - Uncommon!

Atomic Bird - RARE!

Alien Pig - RARE!

Holographic Zooming Lightning Blues - RARE!

Series 3 set

Minion Pig - Common

Tiny Pig - Common

New Aqua Piggy - Common

Helmet Pig - Common

Moustache Pig - Uncommon!

Chef Pig - Uncommon!

Insane Pig - Uncommon!

King Pig - RARE!

Tentacle Aqua Piggy RARE!

Holographic Laughing Helmet Pig - RARE!

Series 4 set

Drill Bird - Common

Sea Bird - Common

Fire Pig - Common

Paper Pig - Common

Magic Bird - Common

Prismie - Uncommon!

Cartoon Pig - Uncommon!

Diamond Bird - Uncommon!

Mega Smart Pig - Uncommon!

The Elemental Eagles - RARE!

Holographic Blushing Lucy Love - RARE!