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Angry Birds Odyssey is a show about the birds and the pigs adventuring around different areas. It is created by ButterBlaziken230, the person behind Angry Birds Hearts. The show is supposed to never end, with birds finding themselves in new situations.

Angry Birds Odyssey
General Info
Premiere Date: Unknown
Aired on: Unknown
Ended on: It's not supposed to end.
Created by: ButterBlaziken230.
Language: English
Number of Seasons: Unknown (1 so far)
Number of Episodes: Unknown (10 so far)
Average Episode Running Time: 2 minutes.
Starring: Unknown
Budget: Unknown
Genre: Children/Comedy
MPAA Rating: TV-PG


Red, Chuck, The Blues (Jim, Jake and Jay), Matilda, Bomb, Hal, Bubbles, Terrence, Stella and Silver will all appear in the show as the protagonists. However, many of ButterBlaziken’s other birds will appear in the show, such as Lucy Love, Drill Bird, RoBird and more.

Helmet Pig, Moustache Pig, King Pig, Chef Pig and an endless horde of Minion Pigs will be the villains. Similar to the birds, some of ButterBlaziken230’s own creations will be in the show, like Stone Pig, Angry Piggy and Colossal Pig.



The birds have been sent to a mysterious land. They get scattered around and it’s up to Red to find them! The eggs are safe with him, but he worries that everything around isn’t happy...


  • In Episode 6, Bomb’s Explosion has been known to cause seizures.