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Angry Birds Mystery is a glitchy game leaked onto the Apple App Store for 3 days by a tired Rovio employee who was a fan of the 2010-2012 era. The game is a simple point & click about going around Piggy Island and finding secrets. This game has a lot of material that isn’t canon.

The BeginningEdit

You start out in a Piggy Island Road with bustling piggies. There is what seems to be an option to go forward, but 9 times out of 10 that would just crash the game. When it does work, you go forward and notice a shadow of a bird, who jumps out at you and presumably kills you. This also makes it seem you are a pig in this game.

There is another option, however. If you tap at the left edge of the screen, you will go to the back of a big rock. There is a hill you can go up, and the further you go, the more corrupted the game gets. When you reach an area with randomly placed trees, you can hear sounds of Drill Bird in pain.

The Tree AreaEdit

When you get to the tree area, there is a lonely pig with a crown made of leaves on his head. You can actually talk to this pig by tapping him. At the beginning, he just says "I am a loser." and you can respond with "Why?" The rest of the conversation is provided below for convenience.

  • Unknown Pig: King Pig rejected me.
  • Player: Okay, also I like your leaf crown.
  • Unknown Pig: Wohoo! Really? You’re nice!
  • Player: Thanks! Also what’s your name?
  • Unknown Pig: King Pig said I’m a glitch called Err0r13fixnow, but you can call me Adam.
  • Player: Anyways, back to the whole ‘Rejection’ thingy.
  • Unknown Pig (Now Adam): He rejects me because I’m a glitch.
  • Player: How are you talking to me if you’re a glitch?
  • Adam: I don’t think you understand Piggy Island. Our world is just a fictional world.

Trying to use the next response, which is a bunch of overlapped code, crashes the game, leading many to believe the game is unfinished.


  • Adam is the name of the Rovio Employee who made the game, as well as the glitched pig.
  • Hidden in the files is a Scissor Bird Sprite.
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