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The app. Credit to ExcitedGreenPig6.

This game is heavily inspired by Roblox’s Mining Simulator, made by ObscureEntity. Credit goes to him for making an awesome game.

Angry Birds Mining is a clicker game released by Rovio in August 2019. It is loaded with content for players to keep playing.


In this game, choose birds to go on a mining expedition with blocky mines and wacky tools. Fill your backpack up with ores and sell to get coins. Get hats from Hat Crates and more birds to help you. Get Hatchlings with their own stats, too. To get through the mine, simply click! Level up your birds to improve their special abilities, go to new lands and just have fun!

In the game, there are a few types of rareness levels: Common, Rare, Epic, Omega, Legendary, Godly, and Mythical.


Red: A basic character with equal stats. His special ability is to shoot Anger Waves to destroy blocks.

Chuck: A fast character with high Mining Speed. His special ability is to do karate to double your Mining speed and power for 10 seconds. To unlock him, buy him for 5000 coins.

The Blues: A basic character with high ore value. Their special ability is to use their yo-yos to double the already high ore value. (Pro tip: Use this character for fast rebirthing!) To Unlock them, buy them for 6000 coins.

Bomb: A slow character with high Mining Power. His special ability is to explode and destroy ores you usually couldn’t. To unlock him, buy him for 12500 coins.

Matilda: A basic character with low ore value. Her special ability is to drop an egg bomb destroying blocks below. This does cause nausea, dropping your Mining Speed for 20 seconds. To unlock her, buy her for 12500 coins.

Hal: A fast character with high Mining Speed, but not as high as Chuck’s. His special ability is to boomerang, doubling all stats for 5 seconds. To unlock him, buy him for 20000 coins.

Terrence: A strong character that has low Mining Speed. He can use Anger Waves like Red to destroy blocks. To unlock him, buy him for 50000 coins.

Bubbles: A weak character but with high Ore Value. He can puff up and raise his Mining Power stat to the same amount as his Ore Value for 10 seconds. To unlock him, buy him for 20 Silver Coins.

Stella: A fairly strong character that is like Red but a slight bit stronger. Her power is to shoot bubbles through the mine that float around for 5 seconds and then explode. To unlock her, have at least 3 rebirths.

Drill Bird: The character MADE FOR MINING. He has high stats all around, but a slight dip in Ore Value. His special ability is to double Mining Speed for 10 seconds by using his drill. This character costs £2.49 or $3.17.

Prismie: A Mighty Bird who packs a punch! He has high Mining Speed and Ore Value. His special ability is to turn his tool into a plasma version, granting higher stats all around.


Basic Bag - 10 Storage (0 coins)

Advanced Bag - 25 Storage (50 coins)

Large Bag - 50 Storage (200 coins)

Basket - 100 Storage (400 coins)

Super Bag - 250 Storage (1000 coins)

Briefcase - 500 Storage (3000 coins)

Advanced Briefcase - 1100 Storage (15000 coins)

Large Briefcase - 1600 Storage (25000 coins)

Super Briefcase - 2900 Storage (38000 coins)

Barrel - 5000 Storage (70000 coins)

Mega Barrel - 7500 Storage (120000 coins)

Ultimate Barrel - 10000 Storage (250000 coins)

Lava Bag - 20000 Storage (10 silver coins)

Ice Bag - 40000 Storage (20 silver coins)

Thunder Bag - 80000 Storage (40 silver coins)

Gold Bag - 140000 Storage (70 silver coins)

Diamond Bag - 350000 Storage (160 silver coins)

Mega Void Bag - Infinite Storage (£4.99)


Stick (0 coins)

Wooden Pickaxe (15 coins)

Stone Pickaxe (40 coins)

Iron Pickaxe (90 coins)

Steel Bar (300 coins)

Strong Pickaxe (750 coins)

Fork (How is this useful?) (1800 coins)

Crowbar (This could be useful.) (5000 coins)

Gold Crowbar (10000 coins)

Scissors (why.) (25000 coins)

Diamond Pickaxe (40000 coins)

Ruby Pickaxe (70000 coins)

Block-zapping Machine (250000 coins)

Block-zapping Machine Deluxe Edition (500000 coins)

Blaster (750000 coins)

Paintbrush (why.) (1 rebirth)

Demon Sword (3 rebirths)

Super Demon Sword (6 rebirths)

Hyper Demon Sword (10 rebirths)

Other toolsEdit



Nuke (costs £0.99 or $1.25)


When you have a certain amount of coins (increases the more rebirths you have), you can rebirth. Rebirthing makes you lose all your coins, backpacks and tools. You keep your pets, hats and Birds. You get 10 Silver coins, which you can spend on very good Hat Crates.


Hatchlings can improve your stats throughout the game! You can hatch them through eggs. The egg prices (apart from the ones that cost Silver Coins) go up every rebirth. The common eggs are 5000 coins, the rare eggs are 15000 coins, the epic eggs are 45000 and the omega eggs are 250000 coins.

Common Hatchlings:

  • Red Hatchling
  • White Hatchling
  • Blue Hatchling
  • Brown Hatchling
  • Yellow Hatchling

Rare Hatchlings:

  • Green Hatchling
  • Pink Hatchling
  • Black Hatchling
  • Orange Hatchling
  • Stone Hatchling

Epic Hatchlings:

  • Rainbow Hatchling
  • Darkness Hatchling
  • Neon Blue Hatchling
  • Fire Hatchling
  • Ice Hatchling
  • Brawler Hatchling

Omega Hatchlings:

  • Sun Hatchling
  • Moon Hatchling
  • Festive Hatchling (only obtainable Dec 1 - Dec 25)
  • Electric Hatchling
  • Lightsaber Hatchling
  • Mega Hatchling
  • Gold Hatchling

Legendary Hatchlings:

  • Ruby Hatchling
  • Diamond Hatchling
  • Infinite Hatchling
  • Void Hatchling
  • Chocolate Hatchling
  • Super-Hatchling
  • Anger Hatchling

Godly Hatchlings

  • Pizza Hatchling
  • Santa Hatchling (only obtainable Dec 1 - Dec 25)
  • Skeleton Hatchling
  • Hatchling in shining armour
  • Crazy Turtle Hatchling
  • Cyan Hatchling of The Stars

Mythical Hatchlings

  • Doritos Hatchling
  • Bookworm Hatchling
  • Dragon Hatchling
  • Bacon Hair Hatchling
  • Clout Hatchling
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