AngryBirdsStellaPinkBirdImage1.jpg Ya call this canon, Stella!?
The information of this article is considered "non-canon", meaning that it takes place in a whole new storyline to the original Angry Birds.

This is the history of the Angry Birds world. It involves the birds and the pigs fighting and other events.


The original flock settle on Bird Island, and a pig civilisation begins on Piggy Island.

The pigs lay eyes on the eggs, and steal them. The first egg theft takes place.

Other areas are discovered, like Piggia. One of the first pigs to go there is Insane Pig.

Angry Birds Go! takes place.

Angry Birds Epic takes place.

Angry Birds 3 takes place.

Angry Birds 4: The Ultimate War takes place.

The birds begin mutiny against Red, and Red sends them to another planet better suited for them. This also puts their eggs in better safety.

Chef Pig starts to cook new types of food for the pigs to eat instead of the eggs.

New birds adventure onto Bird Island, and they become the new target of the pigs.

Angry Birds Boom! takes place.

The Error Hole was created.

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