Angry Birds Heights

Angry Birds Heights

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310 (story) 90 (XP)


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Rovio Entertainment


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Angry Birds Heights is an endless role-playing/tile-matching/village-building game made by Rovio Entertainment and OutPlay Entertainment.


Red is planning to build a very tall tower and wants you to build it with material, but how can you use materials without them? You get materials by playing levels, which is simple.

When playing levels, you get a 7x7 square filled with shards, collect shards by connecting them with lines, the longer the line the more powerful your birds get, here are the seven kinds of shards...

Red shards are Anger elemental, like Red, they increase the chance of getting more pigs.

Yellow shards are Speed elemental, like Chuck, they increase the chance of getting more wood.

Blue shards are Triple elemental, like The Blues, they increase the chance of getting more ice.

Black shards are Blast elemental, like Bomb, they increase the chance of getting more stone.

White shards are Peace elemental, like Matilda, they slow down the time of piggy attacks.

Green shards are Aerodynamics elemental, like Hal, they lower the attack power of pigs.

Orange shards are Sugar elemental, like Bubbles, they heal allies very slightly.

You get five cards of your choice also, tap it to make it attack, the bar on it indicates how powerful your birds' attack will be, the bar will rise when you match shards the same element as the bird.

Pigs can attack too, they attack every few seconds but some rely on damage taken, turns used or shards collected, defeat all the pigs to win, but if all of your birds are defeated, you lose!

You can also see spells on the game board, they look like colored vertical lines between shards, connect lines via there and a spell will be casted on the pigs.

Materials can have different perks…

pigs can be special servents that can treat your visitors with care, they can also reward you,

ice can sometimes be sticky, so it will allow your tower to survive more incidents,

wood can attract visitors, and

stone decreases the risk of upgrade failure.


See Angry Birds Heights/Characters.


  1. Cobalt Plateaus (Levels 1-15)
  2. Beach Butte (Levels 16-30)
  3. Aquaticus (Levels 31-50)
  4. Barren Sands (Levels 51-70)
  5. Nasty Feild (Levels 71-90)
  6. Lip Cliff (Levels 91-115)
  7. Beard Forest (Levels 116-140)
  8. Clifftop View (Levels 141-170)
  9. Bamboo Forest (Levels 171-200)
  10. Volcano Cliff (Levels 201-235)
  11. The View (Levels 236-270)
  12. Dustiest Desert (Levels 271-290)
  13. The Tropical Temple (Levels 291-310)


See Angry Birds Heights/The Mighty Eagle's Tournament.


Unlike the Spells in Angry Birds 2, where the game offers them before each level, spells in this game appear during the levels and are free. You can get them by collecting shards that are connected through them. They are currently 8 spells, which are

  • Green spell, decreases the attack power of all pigs by 40% for 3 turns.
  • Blue spell, increases the attack power of all birds by 40% for 3 turns.
  • Pink spell, if any pig is attacked in the next 3 turns, the bird who attacked him/her will be healed by the number that is equivalent to 40% of the damage the pig took.
  • Purple spell, if any bird is healed in the next 3 turns, a random pig will take damage that is equivalent to 40% of the health the bird was healed by.
  • Orange spell, heals all of your birds by H health.
  • Red spell, does N damage to all of the pigs.
  • Teal spell, all of your birds' attack bars fill up 40% faster.
  • Olive spell, all of the pigs will attack 40% less frequently.


  • Silver Coins, the basic currency in the game, used to buy before game power-ups, level up birds from levels 1-20, and do tower upgrades, they can be brought, buy 500 for 20 crystals, buy 1,200 for 40 crystals, 5,000 for 175 crystals and 12,500 for 230 crystals, you can also get them as rewards.
  • Crystals, the premium currency in the game, used for skipping upgrades, levelling up birds from levels 21-90(max) and do premium tower upgrades, they can be bought, 30 for $2.99, 100 for $9.49(5% free), 500 for $44.99(10% free), and 1,000 for $79.99(20% free!)
  • Tickets, are the currency that allow you to play in The Mighty Eagle's Tournament. You can buy 1 for 10 crystals, or you can earn them by waiting 30 minutes (10 Max).


  • This game uses SI prefix symbols. (eg. if you had 4,000 silver coins, the game would say you have 4k silver coins.)
    • The only exception is The Mighty Eagle's Tournament.
  • The Pigs reuse their sprites from Angry Birds Blast, while the Birds have their Angry Birds 2 sprites.
  • This is the first game so far to have 3 genres.
  • Speed shards tend to be in the same shape as the speed ability symbol from Skylanders: Swap Force.


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