The Mighty Eagle's Tournament is a feature of Angry Birds Heights introduced in the v1.1.0 update.

Angry Birds Heights/The Mighty Eagle's Tournament
General Info
Release Date: ?
Version of Release: v1.1.0
Levels: Indefinite
Gameplay Genre: Tile connecting RPG
Inspired By: Tournament modes of previous Angry Birds games
Multiplayer?: Yes
Game(s): Angry Birds Heights


Every Week, a new tournament will be held. Every time you press start, you will fight against another players 5 birds. The Fighting system will be the same as the Regular story mode, But you need Tickets to participate in these fights. The winner will receive points, the more points you have. The higher on the leaderboard you'll go. The top 20 will promote to the next tier as well as receive rewards.


These are tiers you can promote to. After promoting to the Gold tier. The bottom 20 will go down a tier.

  1. Leather Tier (Default)
  2. Bronze Tier
  3. Silver Tier
  4. Gold Tier
  5. Platinum Tier
  6. Azure Tier
  7. Ruby Tier
  8. Diamond Tier

After the Diamond Tier is Diamond Tier I, Then Diamond Tier II and so on.

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