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Occasionally, on Kids Channels, you might get an Angry Birds Hearts commercial. The Commercials were only 15 seconds long, and told you everything you would need to know.


  • Announcer Guy: Do you want FUN?
  • Bomb (From Cave Exploring): Yeah!
  • Lucy (From Cave Exploring): Okay!
  • Announcer Guy: Well, Angry Birds Hearts has your daily dose of-

[scene cuts to Red getting splatted in Splatted Birds]

  • Hal (From Box Chase) My eyesight says so!

[scene cuts to Matilda being turned into a frog in Matilda’s Super Spell]

  • Red (From Splatted Birds) I’LL GET WHOEVER DID THIS BACK!
  • Chuck (From Lucy The Prisoner) What about the eggs?
  • Announcer: Yep! They forgot the eggs! Watch Angry Birds Hearts shorts on The Angry Birds Channel today!


  • The Angry Birds Hearts shorts are also posted on a YouTube account (not really, so don’t go looking) so some alternate commercials tell you to go there.