Angry Birds Hearts is a TV series created by ButterBlaziken230.

Angry Birds Hearts
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General Info
Premiere Date: Unknown
Aired on: Unknown
Ended on: Unknown
Created by: ButterBlaziken230.
Language: English
Number of Seasons: Unknown (1 so far)
Number of Episodes: Unknown (15 so far)
Average Episode Running Time: 1 minute and 30 seconds
Starring: Unknown
Budget: Unknown
Genre: Children/Comedy
MPAA Rating: TV-PG

Description Edit

Meet Lucy Love, the Heart Bird, one of the newest members of the Flock, and she's always in for something crazy, from Slingshots made from string, to finding a bird’s fear. With her around, the Flock have one thing ahead of them- a surprise.

MPAA Rating Edit

It is rated TV-PG, because it rarely has violence, apart from tackling other birds and destroying buildings. But there is one brief reference to selling drugs in S1 E4: Lucy The Prisoner. Luckily, that joke will go over the heads of those watching. There’s also a part in Super Lucy where one of The Blues says ‘hell yeah’, but hell is only a light swear. The target audience is from ages 6 - 12, but most people under the age of 9 won’t get all the jokes.

Seasons Edit

It is unknown how many episodes each season has because Season 1 hasn't ended yet.

Season 1 Edit

  1. Slingshot Time
  2. Box Chase
  3. A Forest Maze
  4. Lucy The Prisoner
  5. Matilda’s Fear
  6. Splatted Birds
  7. Piggy Robot
  8. Rampage For The Cake
  9. Matilda’s Super Spell
  10. Cave Exploring
  11. Bread Battle
  12. One Lovey Dove
  13. City Descovery
  14. Super Lucy
  15. Splash Time
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