Angry Birds Fan World Wiki

These are the rules of the wiki, if you are a new user, READ ALL OF THEM!


  1. No spamming, trolling, or vandalising of any sort.
  2. No coarse language (swearing) is allowed. You may censor the coarse language with an asterisk (*), or two, or as many asterisks as you want.
  3. Pornographic and sexual content are prohibited.
  4. Make stuff targeted for young audiences (People below the age of 13).
  5. It is also prohibited to add babyish content, like rule 4. people don't want to join babyish wikis.
  6. Never, ever, EVER ask for a password.
  7. As you may know, this is Angry Birds Fan World Wiki, so make anything as long as it has to do with the Angry Birds franchise. (learn more here)
  8. We recommend using "all caps" when naming a page for extra quality (eg. if you are thinking about creating a page called "Bouncing blue bird", instead, name your page "Bouncing Blue Bird".)
  9. No category farming (No adding ridiculous categories to articles (eg. If you make a page about a game, categorise as Games, Games by [Your Username], Things by [Your Username] and not Games, [Your Username]'s Games, [Your Username]'s games, GaMEs, Gaimz and stuff like that))
  10. Don't be rude or babyish, even if you are under the age of 13.
  11. Sysops cannot block someone without a reason.
  12. Bureaucrats cannot promote someone to a group just because of a deal or he/she is your friend. They need to earn it.
  13. No badgehunting.
  14. Be nice when commenting.
  15. If you are not a Sysop(Administrator) or a Bureaucrat, please don't claim you are one. Give a Bureaucrat a good reason to promote you.
  16. Don't vandalise someone else's page or blank it completely just because you don't like it.
  17. Don't reveal any personal information about you, age included. If you are underaged (below 13 years of age), don't reveal that you are.
  18. It is highly recommended that you speak English, and ONLY English, on this wiki. Only speak other languages if you are teaching the language, or if you are using words that have obvious meanings (eg. Bonjour would obviously be Hello in French.)