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Hi there, welcome to Angry Birds Fan World Wiki. Have any good ideas for Angry Birds? Well you came to the right place. Go ahead and Give ideas for birds, pigs, games, you name it, to Rovio! As long as it relates to Angry Birds. I'm pretty sure Rovio would like it. Good Luck!


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Hi, User. This is Angry Birds Fan World Wiki. I am the creator of this wiki, ExcitedGreenPig6. The time is 18:54, and Today is May 18, 2022. This wiki has 155 whole articles for you to explore and read, and if you are able to join this wiki, you can create more articles. Have fun.


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New Additions

Angry Birds Mining

The Angry Birds game inspired by Roblox Mining Simulator.

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Angry Birds Hearts

Brace yourself for the new Angry Birds series starring Lucy Love!

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New Super Angry Birds.

An amazing new crossover with the Super Mario Bros. series.

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Angry Birds Bubbles (Special Edition)

Get ready for hundreds of levels in the Chinese version of AB:Bubbles!

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