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Angry Birds Epic 2 is the sequel to the Angry Birds game Angry Birds Epic. This game is like the last one, but it has more of an RPG vibe than the last one. This game includes open world maps and better fight scenes. In this game, you play as Chuck.


The birds are happily sitting on a beach of Bird Island. Red decides to go and begin his Egg-Guarding shift, when he is captured by the pigs. They take the eggs too! This is when the flock get furious! Everyone but Chuck are taken away in small cages, and taken away across the land. Chuck must retrieve his friends, and the eggs before they get fried!

You must go through Flock Route to get to Dovia Forest. This area only has Minion Pigs and Helmet Pigs. Guarding the entrance to Dovia Forest is a Soldier Pig. Once you’re in Dovia Forest, you can find Stick Pigs to defeat. There’s a Showdown against Fat Soldier Pig at the end of Dovia Forest.

In Dovia Forest, after defeating Big Soldier Pig, Chuck finds Red trapped in a cage. Luckily, you can break him out. Then you have Red, the leader of the flock, on your team.

In Coppera Mountains, Red and Chuck decide to split up. As Chuck, you go along the way, fighting many Stone Pigs, until you come across Matilda in a cage. You need to break her out, and then take out a Deadly Mountain Pig with her help. Next, you reunite with Red.


Minion Pig - An easy pig, he has low health.

Helmet Pig - An easy Pig, just like Minion Pig but with more health.

Moustache Pig - An easy pig, waits to attack, but has high health. A bit of a challenge.

Stick Pig - An easy pig, is like Minion Pig, but can attack using a big stick.

Forest Pig - A rather hard pig, just like Helmet Pig, but with slightly lower health and can call in Stick Pigs.

Soldier Pig - A rather hard pig for where he’s encountered in the game. He can fire rockets at multiple targets, or use a regular attack.

Fat Soldier Pig - A Boss piggy! He is like Soldier Pig but with more health.

Stone Pig - A bulky pig but with low attack. Once his stone Armor is down, he is just a minion pig.

Fat Pig - Just Helmet Pig with more health. He has a rare chance to squash a bird, reducing all its health.

Fire Pig - A rather hard pig. He can’t be defeated by attacks that involve contact, or the birds will hurt themselves.

Deadly Mountain Pig - A boss piggy! Has very high attack, but he charges it up for 3 turns. He can also drain the birds’ health to revive himself.

Tentacle Aqua Piggy - This pig can wrap his tentacles around a bird after using 2 standard attacks for 2 turns. These tentacles consume a bird for 3 turns. Other than that, his stats are like Helmet Pig’s.

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