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Angry Birds Defense is a tower Defense game on IOS and Android. It involves the birds taking down the pigs to save their eggs.


At the beginning of a stage, you have to pick a bird. Some are unlockable at certain stages and have different abilities. Next, you have to pick a gun. You can get guns from gun crates in the shop for Bird Tokens. Bird Tokens are achievable through completing levels, by the way. Back on the track of guns, they act differently to each other, but still have the abilities of the characters using them.

When you’re in a level, the main goal is to protect your eggs from an incoming horde of piggies. Using your abilities, you have to take down the pigs. Most levels are 2 minutes long, but some, like boss battles, can extend to 5 minutes.

Once a level is completed, you can get Bird Tokens to buy gun crates. You may also get a bird on your side.


Red is unlockable from the start, and stays to the left of the stage. He shoots normal bullets and has pretty standard gameplay.

The Blues are unlockable from 1-5, and stay to the left of the stage. They shoot weak bullets that split into 3. This bird is good for levels with lots of pigs.

Chuck is unlockable from 2-2, and can move around the left side of the stage. He can shoot extra fast bullets that have the strength to pop 3 pigs.

Bomb is unlockable from 2-9, and stays at the middle top of the stage. He launches bombs from his guns that have a small blast radius.

Matilda is unlockable from 3-6, and stays to the left of the stage. However, she constantly moves up and down. She shoots bullets that are egg bombs and explode on contact with a pig, unlike Bomb’s bombs which stay in a certain place, then explode.

Hal is unlockable from 5-2, and stays to the left of the stage. His bullets can boomerang around pigs and round them up, eventually striking and popping a lot of pigs. This, however, leaves the eggs vulnerable for a short time.

Terrence is unlockable for £0.99 ($1.29) and stays to the left of the stage. Terrence can shoot heavy bullets, able to pierce through 5 pigs. Along with the price, you need to be past 3-1 to unlock him.

Bubbles is unlockable at 6-8, and has the ability to shoot bullets that puff up. He also sometimes moves forwards and backwards. Upon contact with a puffed up bullet, Bubbles frantically bounces around the stage, sometimes making it difficult to pop pigs.

Stella is unlockable at 7-7, and stays to the left of the stage. Her bullets are small bubbles which trap pigs, but in a 1/100 chance, pop the pigs. When two bubble bullets make contact with each other, they fuse into one and get bigger.


World 1: Piggy Island

World 2: Piggy Desert

World 3: Piggy Jungle

World 4: Piggy Arctic

World 5: Piggy Sea

World 6: Piggy Lava Land

World 7: Piggy Ghost House

World 8: Piggy Theme Park

More Levels coming soon...

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