Angry Birds Boom! is a game that will be released in March of 2019. The main character is Booma, an orange bird.

Play it on...Edit

  • PC
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox 360
  • Mobile


Booma, a peaceful bird on Feathinia, notices Piggy Island. He goes there with some stuff, planning on staying there, such as his favourite plush. The pigs steal it, and he begins a rivalry with them. Booma chases them throughout several lands to get his stuff back.


Most of the game is just bird flinging action, but the boss fights are platformers. In this game you can get coins through levels to get Power Cards that vary Booma’s way of shooting.


Piggy Island (Level 1 - 20) is the first land. It is an easy land, and the boss fight is against Helmet Pig.

Piggia (Level 21 - 40) is the next land after Piggy Island. This land has flowers that swallow birds and evaporate them into bullets. The boss fight is against Moustache Pig.

Snout City (Level 41 - 60) is the third land. This land has lots of piggies for you to pop, including a big boss fight against Helmet Pig in a plane.

Creaking Castle (Level 61 - 80) is the penultimate land. This land contains Vampire Pigs and Zombie Pigs. The boss fight in this land is a fight between Triple Eye Pig.

Piggy Lair (Level 81 - 100) is the final land. This land contains characters from all other lands, and the boss fight is a grand fight against King Pig.

King Pig BossfightEdit

STAGE 1: You meet King Pig in a room, on his throne. He jumps off and starts to jump around a bit, calling pigs sometimes. Shoot him to defeat him. This part is rather long.

STAGE 2: King Pig gets mad, and becomes slightly bigger and faster. The pigs that he calls in now roll across the stage. Sometimes, TNT can fall from the sky, and you must do your best to avoid it.

STAGE 3: King Pig runs away, but becomes an even bigger size, and is now at the back of the screen. Booma’s stuff will sometimes fall from the sky, and you must collect it. Otherwise, fast-falling TNTs will come. Once you’ve collected all of Booma’s 5 things, King Pig calls in some pigs. Defeat them by using an unexpected blast!

STAGE 4: King Pig runs away for good, which means you now have to try and shoot him down. Once defeated, the King Pig bossfight will be over, and King Pig will be gone forever!

Power CardsEdit

Super Shoot (0 coins) - shoots 20 medium-strength bullets at a fast rate straight ahead.

Big Blast (50 coins) - shoots 1 super-strength bullet very slowly straight ahead.

Triple Trouble (50 coins) - shoots 3 high-strength bullets; one up, one straight, one down.

Bouncy Bullets (50 coins) - shoots 10 medium strength bullets that bounce around. Destroyed after 5 hits.

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