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Angry Birds 5 is a game created by Rovio Entertainment, and is a sequel to Angry Birds 4: The Ultimate War.


Story Mode

The game follows the same slingshot action as the first 4 games. All of the levels have you flinging birds into structures. However, the way you progress through these levels are through the form of worlds. To progress through the worlds, you will need a certain amount of stars. 3 stars can be obtained in every level, based off of how well you did.

Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode features exclusive levels for you to play, but with challenges that you have to complete. These levels can be completed in any order.


The plot involves the birds going on vacation to Flockta, a country located near Eagle Island. However, the pigs have invaded Flockta and are going to ruin their peace! They arrive near their hotel, but on the way in, they’re ambushed by pigs. They capture all of the birds except Red, who explores the hotel in hopes of finding them.

Once you have completed Level 1 to Level 19, you arrive at the roof of the hotel, ready to fight Corporal Pig. He flies above in a mech. Once you have defeated him, you rescue Chuck. You then have to go to the beach to fight off more pigs.

When you get to Level 35, Red and Chuck are pushed into a small hole by some pigs. It was a tiny crack in a big wall of boulders. They fall through, and now have to escape the cave. The place is lit by some dimly lit torches.

Once you have completed Level 44, you can escape the small cave. Once you get out of there, then you arrive close to the sea, ready to fight another boss. This time, the boss is OctoPig.


This game has a variety of bosses.

Corporal Pig

Corporal Pig is the first boss in the game, appearing on Level 20. He flies above the level in a suit that has a propeller on the top. He usually moves around in a circle pattern, but sometimes he moves a little faster for a bit. He can create wood blocks that fall onto the ground. He takes 5 hits from Red to kill.


OctoPig is the second boss in the game, appearing in Level 45. He stays low to the ground, and can move around fast by using his tentacles. His other attack involves him creating a shell of seaweed that takes 2 hits to break. However, he has a 5% chance to use that attack. He has another attack, where he launches seaweed blocks. OctoPig overall takes 7 hits to kill.