Angry Birds 4: The Ultimate War

Angry Birds 4: The Ultimate War is the fourth game in the Angry Birds series. In this game, the gameplay relies on the story, making the game also like an interactive story. This game is planned to be realeased in June of 2019.

Play it on....

  • PC (Steam)
  • PS4
  • Xbox One
  • Nintendo Switch


The gameplay of Angry Birds 4 is very similar to Angry Birds 3. A new feature is that the maps are now in 3D, where Red can hop around in them and access levels. The main currency of the game are Bird Coins, which you can use to upgrade your slingshot and buy other perks to boost birds’ speed and strength. A more valuable currency are stars, at least 5 being awarded every level (3 as your score, and 2 being hidden in the level). You can trade stars for coins and vice versa, or unlock secret parts of the map.


Bird Land (Level 1 - 10)

Snort Forest (Level 11 - 30)

Piggy Town (31 - 50)

Mount Oinkia (51 - 70)

Crazy Piggy Cave (71 - 90)

Fire Pig’s Lava Base (90 - 100)

Piggy Spaceship (101 - 150)

Planet Owarin (151 - 200)

Planet Gravno (201 - 250)


Red (Unlock Level 1)

The Blues (Unlock Level 8)

Chuck (Unlock Level 16)

Bomb (Unlock Level 30)

Matilda (Unlock Level 37)

Hal (Unlock Level 46)

Terrence (Unlock Level 58)

Bubbles (Complete Level 68 using under 8 birds, but then you definitely get him on Level 71)

Stella (Unlock Level 82)

Rocky (Unlock Level 91)

Surfer (Buy for 10 stars and complete Level 20)

Lucy Love (Buy for 15 stars and complete Level 50)

Mighty Eagle (£0.59 or $0.75)

Diamond Bird (Buy for 10 stars and complete Level 60)

Ice Bird (Unlock Level 145)

Magic Bird (Buy for 5 stars and complete Level 10, can’t enter space)


Large Pig (Level 10)

Helmet Pig (Level 30)

Moustache Pig (Level 50)

King Pig (Level 70)

Insane Pig (Level 90)

Fire Pig (Level 100)

Large Stone Pig (Level 120)

Colossal Pig (Level 140)

Alien Pig (Level 160)

Cartoon Pig (Level 180)

Voidian The Pig (Level 200)

Plasmina (Level 220)

Octalien (Level 240)

Disastim, Cake Guarder (Level 250)


King Pig decides to give up on stealing the pigs’ eggs, and decides to tell another pig he wants to make peace with the birds. This piggy, that was dreaming of eggs, heard it wrong and stole the flock’s eggs. Red, who also wanted to make peace, went to King Pig to speak about it, while the others went to retrieve the eggs and Red not knowing. All the birds (apart from side-birds) get captured on their way and Red finds out the truth. He gets angry, and sets on a mission to retrieve his friends and the eggs.

At Level 43, a spy piggy notices the main flock in the streets of Piggy Town, and tackles them near a cliff. Chuck and Bomb are about to fall off, but Red decides to help one of them get back up. The one you don’t save will reunite with you on Level 55 on the way up Mount Oinkia.

At Level 70, if you didn’t unlock Bubbles at Level 68, he will be dangling from a cage. Then, you can save him and unlock him.

At Level 91, Red starts to get sick from all the fighting. Until Level 100, the birds get a new leader. That is Rocky, Who joins the birds.

When you defeat Fire Pig, you notice all the previous bosses came to his base to hide. They go to Fire Pig’s secret spaceship and zoom into space, right when you sneak on. On a trip through the huge place on the spaceship and on the final world, Plant Owarin, you can fight many more bosses to retrieve the eggs. You may even find a new friend...

After retrieving the eggs from the pesky pigs on Level 200, the flock notice they can’t get home unless the pigs help them, which they don’t. Ice Bird decides to help by vowing to help build a spaceship, however they need to get to Planet Gravno to get parts. The pigs also have a reason to go there, because there is a better snack than eggs - Space Cake! The birds and pigs help eachother along the way to get cake and to get home. The birds’ opponents will be the aliens there.


  • Planet Owarin actually means Planet End, because Owari means end in Japanese.
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