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(This version of the game has been discontinued)

Angry Birds 3: The Final Flocktier es un juego de próxima aparición en la serie Angry Birds. Bird encabronado puto 

(Taken from the Birdliography)

Red - The Flock's leader!

Jay, Jake, Jim - A good ICE breaker!

Chuck - Good with wood!

Bomb - Has an explosive temper!

Matilda - Eggsplosive heart!

Terrence - Destructive behavior!

Bubbles - May have an inflated ego!

Hal - What comes around, goes around.

Sliver - Looping legend!

Stella - Cute, pink and bubbly!

Poppy - Flying down!

Luca - Loud screaming glass-breaking baby!

Willow - Spinning boomerang!

Dahlia - Science-fu!

All birds from Angry Birds: Bubbles and Special Edition.


It is thought that this game takes place a year after Angry Birds 2. The pigs are at it again! The pigs have stolen the eggs, and the birds have to get them back. The pigs have also stolen the Golden Egg from Golden Island, which Stella and her friends try to get back.


The core gameplay is the same as Angry Birds or Angry Birds 2, as you fling birds at pigs to get the eggs back.


  • Angry Birds: 3 is set to be released sometime in September of 2019