Angry Birds Fan World Wiki

Angry Birds 3 is the third game in the main Angry Birds series, and a sequel to Angry Birds 2. It features new game mechanics, but is still a slingshot game.


The game is a 7 (or E10+ and it’s this because I couldn’t find a closer one) for some scary stuff.

Play it on:

  • Xbox One
  • PS4
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Mobile (laggy)
  • PC (Steam)


The gameplay is still your casual bird flinging action, but there are new features. One of these is the 3D mechanic, where levels can be played in 3D, rather then 2D. The bird feathers from Angry Birds 2 are back, but the birds can get new powers when they reach a certain level. Hats are back, but can be awarded from beating levels or purchased similarly to the existing methods. Hatchlings have been removed for their tedious feeding, and it makes you feel bad if you don’t feed them and they leave you.


Bird Meadows (1-20)

Pig Mountain (21-40)

Piggy Island (41-60)

Fog Bridge (61-80)

Spooky Forest (81-100)

Tasty Road (101-120)

Desert Doom (121-140)

Piggy Castle (141-160)

Piggy Airship (161-180)

Volcanic Showdown (181-200)

Playable Birds

Red (Unlocked from start)

Blues (Beat Level 10)

Chuck (Beat Level 20)

Bomb (Beat Level 40)

Matilda (Beat Level 60)

Hal (Beat Level 70)

Terrence (Beat Level 90)

Bubbles (Beat Level 100)

Stella (Pop 1000 pigs)

Silver (Pop 3000 pigs)

Rocky (Beat Level 160)

Surfer (Get 10,000,000 in the game when you add up scores of completed levels)

Bird Abilities

At Level 10, Red can shoot anger waves. At Level 20 and onwards, his anger waves just get stronger.

At Level 10, The Blues get bigger. At Level 20, they use a skateboard to throw at the pigs. At Level 30, the skateboard gets bigger.

At Level 10, Chuck has a boomerang ability so he can chop through the level twice. At Level 20, he gains extreme speed which makes the pigs dizzy. At Level 30, he gets Lazer vision.

At Level 10, Bomb has explosions with bigger range. At Level 20, Bomb’s explosions set fire to nearly every block. At Level 30, he becomes Short Fuse Bomb.

At Level 10, Matilda shoots Eggs with notes on them that do more damage. At Level 20, Matilda shoots 3 eggs. At Level 30, she shoots 5.

At Level 10, Hal has the ability to take down stone. At Level 20, he can do a loop like Silver. At Level 30, he has more strength so he can do a second loop.

Up until Level 30, Terrence has Anger waves that grow more powerful. At Level 30, he becomes twice his size.

At Level 10, Bubbles shoots around while becoming small for longer. At Level 20, Bubbles throws food everywhere. At Level 30, the food becomes stronger and spicy, which sets the pigs on fire.

Every 10 Levels, Stella’s amount of bubbles increase, and at Level 30, the bubbles contain lightning, wrecking anything that falls inside.

At Level 10, Silver can do two loops. At Level 20, Silver can turn things into silver, and wreck it easily. At Level 30, Silver explodes on impact with structures.

At Level 10, Rocky can shoot red hot lasers from his eyes. At Level 20, his drill can cause earthquakes. At Level 30, his drill can vomit ground-eroding Slime.

At Level 10, Surfer can shoot two beams. At Level 20, the waves can drop a sea bomb that explodes with a far range. At Level 30, Surfer can effect the tides to create a mini-tsunami.

Event Levels

Piggy Graveyard (Halloween Event, 15 Levels)

Jolly Adventure (Christmas Event, new Level everyday in December so it’s like a calendar)

Angel Skies (Valentines Day Event, 10 Levels)

The Easter Piggy (Easter Event, 15 Levels but an extra if you find the hidden eggs)


Once you’ve completed the game, there is lots to do. First of all, there’s 10 challenge levels every day for you to complete. The levels cycle through over 750 challenges (more added every day) for you to complete!

In at least 1 of the 10 levels everyday, there is a boss. The only available bosses right now are Evil Red Robot and Insane Pig.