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(This version of the game has been discontinued)

Angry Birds: Bubbles SE is the Chinese version of Angry Birds: Bubbles. It was created by Rovio and Talkwebbies Inc.


There are currently 14 worlds in this version of Angry Birds: Bubbles.

  1. Coal Plains,
  2. Candy World,
  3. Piggy Beach,
  4. Pigstruction
  5. Pigs can Fly,
  6. Dreamland,
  7. Winter Wonderhog,
  8. Aquatic Poachers,
  9. Piggy City's Polka,
  10. Pork Fortress
  11. Coal Plains (Dawn)
  12. No-Hog's Space
  13. Pork Station
  14. The Decipiger


The story is that Bubbles and Hal find a candy trail placed by the Bad Piggies. They followed the trail and they were captured and sent to a smaller island near Piggy Island. They find several other birds locked and he breaks out of his cage and frees them as the levels go by.

Once most of the birds are freed, the flock discovers a plot to destroy Bird Island by constructing a huge laser above the planet's atmosphere, named the "Decipiger", it will decimate anything in it's way.

The Flock were able to later board the station and destroy it. The birds have a celebration after the explosion, which caused the battle station to crumble to the ground. After that scene, King Smoothcheeks was shown smiling creepily in a dark area.


The gameplay of Angry Birds: Bubbles SE is very similar to the international version, although there are differences.

First, stars are used for buying costumes or upgrades to birds, although they are gained the same way.

Secondly, coins are also used to level up birds, being the cost to upgrade them along with the stars. Coins are earned by popping piggies, completing stages, or can be bought with real money. The coins are used for buying spells and power-ups.

Spells are used to help the birds to destroy pigs and (or) levels. They can be bought or bought with coins. These spells include: Rubber Ducky, Chilly Pepper, Pigquake!, and Pig Mover.

The Rubber Ducky spell is similar to the Rubber Ducky in Angry Birds 2. It (when activated) rains rubber ducks on the structures.

The Chilly Pepper spell is similar to the Chilly Pepper Spell in Angry Birds 2. When activated, the spell throws a pepper randomly at a pig and makes it explode.

The Pigquake! spell is similar to the Birdquake! power-up in Angry Birds. It shakes the screen and moves all pigs.

The Pig Mover spell is similar to the power-up in Angry Birds Messenger, named,Pig Swap, which switches pigs.

Also, in certain levels there are boss battles similar to Angry Birds Space's bosses. Every three worlds there is a trio of bosses, starting in Coal Plains, the next boss battles will be in Pigstruction and so on. These bosses are Iggy, Piggy, and Zach in that order.

Birds Abilities

The birds included in the game are Bubbles, Hal, Logan, Gummi, Holly, Callahan, Dark knight, and the Ultimate Turkey.

Bubbles and Hal are the only birds that are returning characters and have the same ability, other than Bubbles. Bubbles' ability is to inflate in to a small ball several times.. Hal's ability is to come back as a boomerang.

Logan is the first bird that is introduced. He is the first bird to not appeared in Angry Birds in the game. His ability is to slash in front of him. He is most effective against wood.

Gummi is the next bird added. Gummi's ability is to "eat up" blocks of any kind and destroy surrounding blocks. He is most effective against candy blocks.

Holly is the of the flock. Her ability is to break glass in a large 360 area. She is only effective against glass and some wood.

Callahan is the one of the latest birds added. He is a pelican and his ability is to dive in a 190(ish) degree angle and destroy whatever's in his way as he dives.

The Dark Knight was added next, and her abilities are to throw an arrow at different areas. She is not part of the flock and is only helping to protect herself.

The next bird is the strong Ultimate Turkey. This bird is extremely powerful and can finish levels for you.

The current final bird is Hallow. Hallow is a very similar bird to the Jar-jar Binks bird from Angry Birds Star Wars 2. His ability is to swing on his beak and launch himself in any direction.


  • Angry Birds: Bubbles SE is one of two games of Hal having a major role, the first one is Angry Birds: Bubbles.
  • It is the third Angry Birds game using Angry Birds 2-like sprites, the first is Angry Birds 2, and the second is Angry Birds Facebook Messenger.
  • This is the only Angry Birds game to be only outside of the U.S (other than Betas).
  • This is the first game on this Wiki to be a Chinese game.
  • This is the only game that SweetSquidtea has made that includes music.