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A Ruined Ruin is the ninth episode of Angry Birds Odyssey’s first season. It involves the birds settling down to live on another island. They do this to find Drill Bird, a long lost friend.


[The birds’ boat crashes on an island]

  • Red: Woah...
  • Jim: Where are we?
  • Red: I dunno.
  • Jake: Let’s look around.

[The birds stagger off of the boat]

  • Chuck: There’s some sort of path to follow.
  • Bubbles: Let’s follow it!
  • Bomb: Well, what else could we do when there’s a path?
  • Matilda: Yeah, Bubbles. We kind of have to.
  • Bubbles: Okay, jeez.

[The birds follow the path and notice it goes down]

  • Jay: Why is the path going down?
  • Jim: I don’t know why?
  • Jake: Yeah, that’s weird.
  • Jim: WAIT! I know why!
  • Jay: Why?
  • Jim: Boring geography stuff!
  • Jake and Jay: Hahahahaha!
  • Red: [sigh]
  • Chuck: Really?
  • Matilda: [sigh]
  • Red: Let’s just continue.

[3 Minion Pigs appear]

  • Pig 1: Hey!
  • Pig 2: Hello!
  • Pig 3: Maybe we should stop greeting them kindly and beat them up.
  • Matilda: Oh no you won’t.
  • Pig 1: Dude! You gave away our plan!
  • Pig 3: SORRY!
  • Pig 2: Oh god.
  • Red: Let’s take em out!

[Red shoots anger waves and Pig 2 is defeated]

  • Pig 2: No...
  • Pig 1: I’ll fight and defend myself more...

[The Blues try to hit Pig 1, but he uses martial arts to knock them out]

  • Bomb: Oh jeez!
  • Hal: That looked painful! And NOBODY deals pain to my little Blues!

[Hal knocks out Pig 1 with his beak]

  • Pig 1: Oh no...
  • Pig 3: Ahhhhh!

[Pig 3 runs away]

  • Red: Coward.
  • Jim: Help us...
  • Jake: Yeah...
  • Bubbles: I’ll help you get back up!
  • Jay: Thanks!
  • Bubbles: No problem!
  • Jay: Wait, is that someone in a pit of rubble over there?
  • Chuck: I think it is, Jay!
  • Hal: I’m going to go see him.

[Hal walks over to the person covered in rubble]

  • ???: Leave me alone!
  • Hal: Why? I’ve got my bird friends with me! Wanna come with us?
  • ???: NO!

[The mysterious person runs away]

  • Hal: huh.

[Hal goes back]

  • Hal: The person just wanted to be left alone.
  • Red: What did they look like?
  • Hal: They were blue, but they never showed their face.
  • Chuck: Huh. Who could it be?
  • Hal: I don’t know. I’m just wonder why there’s so much broken stuff everywhere in this Ruin.