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A Forest Maze is the third episode of Angry Birds Hearts, Lucy Love’s series. It involves the birds going into a forest.


[screen cuts to The Blues admiring a berry]

  • Jim: Oh! A berry! Let’s get it!
  • Jay: Yeah! [Accidentally runs over it]
  • Jim: Where did the berry go?
  • Jake: Beats me. Let’s go further as we may come across it!

[screen cuts to the birds looking for The Blues]

  • Red: They were near the forest earlier! Go that way!
  • Chuck: You Guys should calm down!
  • Lucy: You’re the one speaking so fast! Chill out.
  • Red: Yeah, let’s go.

[Lucy and Red go into the forest, Red only going the wrong way]

  • Lucy: Red just knows what he’s doing. I should just chill out, like I said earlier.
  • Jake: [Atop a tree] Ya hear that? It’s an intruder!
  • Lucy: Who said I was an intruder?
  • Jay: Stop, Jake! That’s Lucy.
  • Jake: Oh, hi Lucy!

[Scene cuts to Red coming to a halt and seeing a dead bird]

  • Red: eeeee! A dead bird! Wait, is that Stella?

[Scene cuts to Lucy coming back with The Blues]

  • Lucy: I got them! They’re safe and sound.
  • Bomb: Nice one, Lucy!
  • Lucy: Thanks. What do ya say, guys?
  • Jim: Thank you, Lucy!
  • Jay: You’re awesome!
  • Jake: What about Red?

[Episode ends with a shot of Lucy looking nervous]